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Often people have legal problems but cannot afford private law firm representation.  The Province and the law society have arranged for representation for these individuals through a series of services.   These services or agencies provide access to the justice system for those who cannot afford private representation.  These services include Legal Aid, Pro Bono Alberta, the Children's Legal Education and Resource Center (CLERC) and others.


In addition to the above services, individuals may simply need access to court forms, or access to a court decision or provincial or federal statute.  The resources in this pulldown will facilitate your search for those items as well. We have included links to the Alberta Courts pages, the Supreme Court of Canada, Justice Canada and CanLii, a free legal research engine.  We hope this will help with many of your questions and in finding the help you need.  Of course we are more than willing to assist you in your quest for justice, but we recognize that sometimes that quest can be satisfied with a little free research.  

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